Small minority of people failing to wear face coverings on public transport warned ‘wear one or face a fine’

  • Operations underway across TfL’s Transport networks targeting people ignoring the law and risking Londoners’ health
  • Ignoring the law on face coverings could result in a fine of up to £6,400

Transport for London (TfL) has today warned the small minority of people breaking the law by failing to wear a face covering on public transport that they must wear one or face a hefty fine.

Since 15 June, it has been mandatory for customers to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth for their entire journey, including in stations and on platforms, unless they are exempt. The vast majority of people on London’s transport network who are not exempt are protecting others by correctly wearing a face covering, with more than 90 per cent compliance at the busiest times of the day. But a small number of people continue to put public health at risk by flouting the law. This selfish minority will be penalised and could face prosecution.

TfL’s enforcement officers, alongside police officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) and British Transport Police (BTP) are carrying out enforcement operations on the transport network every day at locations across the capital. Last week, enforcement operations – which target people failing to wear their face covering properly as well as those without one – took place on buses, trains and at stations across London, including Stratford; Notting Hill Gate; King’s Cross; Bexleyheath and Stamford Hill, with the vast majority of people able to produce or correct their face covering, or having a valid exemption.

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