Goodbye to the old Push and Pull Train

Don’t panic, the Romford to Upminster service is not going, the trains are being replaced

Trains on the soon to be crossrail service have all been replaced with modern trains in the last few years, all that is except for the rather odd Emerson Park service (a service that always seems rather quiet at times but also seems busy enough to prevent it closing down)

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The Emerson Park service is finally receiving a Class 710 train, a train that has open carriages that allow you to easily walk from one side to the other if full.

But it has been noticed that the new train is a lot quieter and so the public have been reminded to stay safe at level crossings.

While the crossings continue to be safe to use, the new train has some different features which may impact the way people use these level crossings.

The key changes to the new train are:

The train colour at the front has changed from yellow to orange;
The new trains are fitted with LED lights – these look different to the traditional lights on the old trains
The new trains are quieter and may sound different to the older trains
Nothing has changed at the crossings and pedestrians can cross safely so long as they follow the guidance which remains the same

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