Review of Sharon ‘N’ Barry Do ‘Romeo and Juliet’

It’s a tough time for movies and theatre, as we (hopefully) only just come to the end of lockdown (17th May). But The Queen’s Theatre definitely doesn’t want this to get in our way and brings us their latest Lockdown Show ‘Sharon ‘n’ Barry’s – Romeo and Juliet’.

In this show, we drop in on Sharon, played by Joanne Seymour, and Barry, played by David Nellist, telling the story of Romeo and Juliet to their Grandson Alex, played by Jack Scannell-Wood & Jessica Rothon. In the show Sharron and Barry are bored with lockdown and take the opportunity to educate Alex via zoom, but all of a sudden their audience grows.

The show was a funny and good performance, with an experience that reminded me of reading Shakespeare in class. Sharon & Barry stumble around the Shakespearean Speech and skipped many parts of it to go straight to the main scenes. We were lucky to watch this show with my daughter and, despite still being in primary school, she was drawn into story by Sharon ‘n’ Barry’s show. I would highly recommend this as a lesson for 7+, my daughter told me that she learned a lot and was surprised when I explained that this is likely to be a play she will study in the near future.

For those of us who aren’t looking for a Shakespeare play, there is still loads to look forward to, Sharon and Barry perform the play in a homemade video style, but with a much better video than you’d see back in the days of VHS, and this leads to loads of side jokes and stumbles. It was a lot of fun and with ‘zoom’ you never feel like a member of the audience but more like another family member there to watch your family’s special presentation.

I highly recommend catching this show while you can, it’s on until the 6th March and tickets are only £8 each

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