Review of Christmas Allsorts at The Queen’s Theatre

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different to 2019 and this sadly includes the performance at The Queen’s Theatre. 2020 marks the first year, since the Theatre was founded in 1963, that The Queen’s Theatre will not be hosting a pantomime around Christmas Time.

Christmas Allsorts brings us a night of mixed content, with comic scenes, songs and simple stories, but all are connected by a tale that’s told between Lauryn Redding, Sioned Saunders, Tom Self and Alex Tomkins.


The four actors/actresses are all familiar to The Queen’s Theatre, Lauryn Redding previously appeared in The Hired Man, Sioned Saunders in Made in Dagenham, Tom Self in Robin Hood and Alex Tomkins previously appeared in Cinderella. Each of the actors play an instrument in a way that is very well-known at The Queen’s, acting a scene and then suddenly just jumping on the guitar and this brings back the memories of the Queen’s Theatre group ‘Cut to the Chase’.

It was a great night, with a large mixture of music, dance and comedy and if you don’t like one scene, just wait until the next one. A lot of the scenes are comic and had some relevance to the Covid pandemic and it’s affect on English Theatre, one of my favourite scenes involved songs from all Musicals currently being performed in the West End.

It’s a night for family, we took our two girls and they enjoyed the whole thing. Our 8-year-old daughter commented: “Although I am still sad that we couldn’t have a pantomime, last night was amazing and it’s added to the best shows so far in my lifetime”

The night is sadly an alternative to panto but this certainly doesn’t lower the quality in anyway and it’s a night that has something for all the family. I would highly recommend you attending. The show appears at The Queen’s Theatre between Fri 11 Dec and Sun 3 Jan

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