Sad news of the closure of Brentwood Centre

Brentwood Centre has been in discussions with Brentwood Borough Council since July in trying to find a way to keep the services open and protect the jobs of all associated with the business.

Sadly following further meetings on October 26th and 27th there was no confirmation and the trust has no option but to close the centre.

Although Brentwood is outside Havering, it was more then a sports center and has hosted a lot of community services, shows and comedians. This included Floyd Money Mayweather, Joseph and Amazing Technicoloured dreamcoat and The Magic of Motown

They were even due to host a comedy event with Jason Mansfield soon, he commented

I hear another venue where I was due to perform has closed, Brentwood, and people are having trouble getting refunds etc.

Please be assured that if anyone has a ticket for one of my shows and that venue closes due to everything going on (atm just Southport & now Brentwood) then please be assured that if a refund isn’t possible I will personally make sure you get a ticket for another show even if it means putting one on in that town for free.
Hold out till after new year so we can see the lay of the land.
I’ll see you right ❤️

We’re so sorry to hear about the centre leaving as they really have brought us so much

Brentwood Centre are still asking for your support by all or any of the following means:

Lobby Brentwood’s local MP

Lobby Brentwood’s local councillor

Lobby the Leader of the Council

Contact the local media

Comment on Brentwood Centre’s social media platforms

The Brentwood Centre is bigger than all of the above people and organisations and with your support we are confident of ensuring a swift resolution and funding to allow it to re-open.

Brentwood Centre

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