Residents transform walkway in Gidea Park

The walkway between Cambridge Avenue and Amery Gardens has been transformed.
For years neighbours have been plagued by drug dealers who found it an ideal place to do business; it was unsightly, overgrown and dirty.

With the additional time provided by lockdown the neighbours could see that more needed to be done and houses on the walkway were painted and shrubs planted at the entrance, the potential of a wholesale makeover could be seen.

Trees, throwing the walkway into shade throughout the day, were removed by private owners and additional motion sensitive lighting was installed to light up when pedestrians used the walkway at night.

But the tragic death of Sarah Everard became a catalyst for planning the coordinated removal of dead shrubs, removal of graffiti and planting of the border.

The graffiti has now been removed. Most of the walkway has been cleared of accumulated litter and debris; two thirds of it has been replanted with shrubs.

A big thank you to everyone who donated plants, slate, shrubs, seeds, who left painted stones, kind messages and who made the task lighter with help and encouragement.

Worker name check, Trish, Tammy, Bacari, Peter, and Clinton. And thanks to Havering environmental services for removing several loads of wast

We hope you agree that the walkway has been transformed. It is cleaner, lighter, brighter and feels safer. It really falls to users to treat it with respect. We would still like a bin installed, a fish eye mirror erected, more motion sensitive lighting and for the dog walker who is giving other dog walkers a bad name, to take his/her dog poo bag home.

Thank you to Jane Keane for letting me use her article/photos from Facebook 

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