Havering council approves clearance of Upminster Pitch and Putt Site

In a meeting broadcast on social media, Havering Council have confirmed that they approve the clearance of the Upminster Pitch and Putt site

People on social media have broadcast their disappointment with this, pointing out that this was done with there own development company ‘Mercury Land Holdings’

Maureen Leech on Facebook pointed out that the times they investigated the site’s use they were closed unexpectedly?

They call the site under-used. This is down to the fact that it was never open on the dates it was advertised and people just lost interest. Friends of mini golf was set up to work along side the Council to help improve the site and make it more family friendly but again Council couldn’t provide staff to open it.

The proposed development is currently for 37 luxury houses which will not “offset the demand for family homes in the Borough” as they will be sold in the region of I would imagine £800k – £1.5m given the location of the properties. They will not be homes for local people and Upminster will not benefit in any way from the loss of this beautiful open space.

Maureen Leech

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