Andrew Rosindell is one of 16 MPs who voted against the new lockdown

With ambulances queuing up to get into The Queen’s Hospital, the hospital has seen the affects of Dagenham and Havering being number 1 & 2 on the boroughs affected by Covid.

Continuing to badly affect a variety of people, but especially the disabled and elderly, Covid rates are much higher then the first lockdown

MPs vote overwhelmingly for latest lockdown in England (with 524 votes for the measures). But, according to the CommonsVotes app, Andrew Rosindell is one of 16 MPs who has ignored this and and voted against the measures.

He spoke in Parliament regarding his vote

I was elected to represent my constituents in Romford – and I pay tribute to them for their resilience throughout this pandemic, but I cannot justify such a fundamental assault on their liberties and livelihoods.

Removing people’s most fundamental rights and freedoms and confining them to their homes, is a political decision, and those of us who are elected, must judge, not just the impact of the virus, but also on our constituent’s livelihoods, businesses, jobs, education, homes and indeed their physical and mental health.

Andrew Rosindell

We discussed this with our editor who has seen many of the affects of this

As a disabled essential worker and husband of a nurse, I understand the hardship of what is happening and feel that Andrew Rosindell is ignoring all of this. I understand that Rosindell is very focused on the economy and I can see how this is affecting people but the economy will recover.

We’ve already seen this in places like The Brewery, Romford where large shops have been closed but quickly replaced by new shops that have not had a chance in the past.

And this is very much affecting charities and non-profit organisations such as HAD who have struggled in the lockdown and very much need our support.

But are these being caused by lockdown or generally by the virus?

I am hoping that this lockdown will serve as the 3rd and final lockdown in this trilogy of lockdowns and (unlike Hollywood) it won’t push for a 4th sequel

3 thoughts on “Andrew Rosindell is one of 16 MPs who voted against the new lockdown

  • January 7, 2021 at 10:53 am

    What an idiot we have in parliament,representing us. I don’t think so.
    For god sake get out to the 0eople of havering to hear their views, and not just rely on your own views.
    You are a waste of space.

  • January 7, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    Rosendells attitude is typically that of most Tory idea s money before human life. This man should not be tàken seriously his record in locàl government is appalling being part of a very dubious Tory local council who frequently bend the rules.

  • January 25, 2021 at 6:16 pm

    I am very surprised by The actions of our mp, i dont think he is a ‘waste of space, but he has badly miss read the current climate with the new variant of the disease ‘running through Essex ‘ like a runaway train. In fairness he is usually very supportive of the leadership ,but he could’nt have got this one more wrong.


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