5-year-old Ez cycled 311 miles (500km) in winter for India

5-year-old Ezra-Zion has been enjoying his new bike with gears since just after his 5th birthday in December.

And after he heard about the amazing work of some good friends of the family in India who are rescuing, feeding and providing a home to children and their mothers trapped in terrible conditions despite the challenges of the pandemic, he was keen to ride to raise money to support them.

So he aimed to complete a 300 mile (482km). We may just sneak in another 11 miles to make it 500km!

With potentially the worst of the winter coming, With potentially the worst of the winter still to come and with his dad hopefully starting some work soon, this may well prove to be quite a challenge! Watch this space!

On the 28th March, Ez actually completed the distance on his way to school on Wednesday!

311miles (500km) in 46 days of riding over the past 11 weeks- incl 32miles of commuting in the last 4 weeks. 2 weeks were all but taken out by snow and a concussion resulting in 24hrs in hospital.

58hrs of riding in total

9675ft (2950m) of elevation (using gears!)

Average speed of 5.4mph (8.7kmph)

Average of 28miles (45km) a week

Average of 6.8miles (11km) per day riding Average of 1hr20min every day we rode.

Longest ride (23.5miles/38km with 500ft elevation ans taking 3hrs50) was only 3 days after being in hospital for 24hrs.

Thanks to all of you, he’s raised nearly £650 so far for the vital work that friends of ours in India are doing in rescuing those caught in poverty to give them a hope and a future!

But that’s not the last of it and there’s still a chance to donate towards the charity in India

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