What was life like at the North Pole?

The best! Especially the North Pole Toy Corporation Christmas Party it is WILD. I’m the life and soul, seriously you should see my outfit…

What is Santa like?

Well… I mean, Father Christmas (F.C) is obviously pretty cool, but he did zummer zap me here to Ramfoot… sorry Romford!… and I’d really like to go home. He also works WAY too hard on Christmas Eve. I like to chill with my snow tea, not rush around delivering so many presents. F.C should go on more holidays. 

Is Rudolf’s nose really red and why?

Another person who wants to know about Rudolph!!! Why is he always the star? You’re talking to me! Nahh just joking he’s nice. I think he was born that way, but you should see him when he gets a cold. He can’t stop sneezing. SO gross! 

Do all elves eat candy and how do you keep your teeth so clean? 

I’m actually more of a savoury elf. I like cheese and onion crisps and I brush my teeth 14 times a day. Don’t you? 

Have you ever been in really big trouble?

Yes. I wrote a song about F.C and put it on YouTube. You’re talking to a YouTube star! Follow me on Twitter @elf_sparky and subscribe to my YouTube channel Sparky Tinselbottom to see why F.C wasn’t very happy!

Have you ever met a talking snowman?

Of course, when you humans aren’t around they won’t stop talking! By the way, if you have a snowman outside your house this year, make sure you give them a scarf. Their necks get very cold. (My snowman friend Gus asked me to tell you that) 

Do all elves like singing?

Most of us do, but Head Elf Berry Big Bottom Stripy Tights says I sing too much. (I think he’s just jealous because he has a bad voice…. please don’t tell him I said that) 

Do you ever change your clothes? 

I wear my elf uniform every day and then I have my party outfits. Every year they get better and better. I make them myself and always use lots of tinsel. 

How many toys do you repair a day? 

TOO MANY!!! I have sooooo much work to do here in Rimfeet… sorry Romford!… please stop losing your toys, I need a rest. 

What’s the most interesting conversation you’ve had with a toy?

Every toy has a cool story about where they’re from and how they got here. If you come and visit me you’ll hear some. WAIT! You are definitely not allowed to do that. Please will you delete that I said that? Humans are not allowed to see me, or know about me. Actually… maybe this interview is a bad idea… oh well! (Sorry F.C)

Do you think Santa will let you back to the North Pole?

Yes I hope so. I think I am going to be zummer zapped home for Christmas. F.C if you are reading this please please please send me home. I PROMISE to delete my Youtube and Twitter accounts.

(Ps. Everyone, I won’t really delete them so please follow me @elf_sparky)

Sparky the elf is appearing in Sparky the Elf and the Secret Toyshop, a new festive adventure for 6 – 11 year olds, produced by the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and performed in a top secret location in Romford’s The Mercury Mall Shopping Centre from 15 – 30 December.

Tickets and further details available on The Queen’s Theatre Website