Romford library have posted information on their Facebook page about an incident that happened yesterday (21st August):

Yesterday a two yr old child ran out of Central Library through the subway and into Laurie Walk. 

All this happened within about 2-3 minutes. The police were called immediately and both staff and other customers searched for the child – thank you to you all. 

Fortunately he was found safe and well by the police, probably the whole incident was over in about 15-20 mins – it seemed longer to us and I’m sure it seemed like a life time to mum. This is just a reminder that these things can happen so very quickly. 

All of our libraries have automatically opening doors making it easy for buggies, wheelchairs etc to go in and out, but also for 2 yr olds. We are so glad this had a happy ending, however it could so easily have been different, please be vigilant.

This serves as a reminder that staff at Havering libraries are not babysitters and you should remain vigilant when you are out with your children