Upminster residents receive proposal for parking restrictions

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Residents in Upminster have received a letter proposing new parking restrictions, including a parking permit that will cost residents £20 a year.



The permit letter has had mixed reactions on Facebook already, with some people saying that they often have problems parking outside their own house and would not mind paying if it actually meant they could park while others are saying the space in front of their home is payed for by their council tax and they shouldn’t have to pay any more. An online petition has already been created against these plans

The council have also provided this map, the different colours represent individual zones and passes purchased for one zone will not work in other colour zones


Officers from the Council’s Parking Team will be at Upminster Library at the following times to take questions and respond to queries:

Monday 13th June (9am to 5pm)
Thursday 16th June (10am to 8pm)
Saturday 18th June (10am to 4pm)

As this is a consultation, rather than an implementation, the views of residents are very important and will help shape the next step in the process by establishing whether or not there is support for such a scheme.

Please respond by 26th June to the address included in the letter or email schemes@havering.gov.uk with any queries.

What are your thoughts on these new restrictions? Contact us via the website, twitter or Facebook. You can also join in the conversation on the Upminster Facebook group

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