A number of issues have been identified at the junction which are impacting on the local and regional economies and their ability to achieve their full potential. These include:

  • Congestion and delay disrupting Journeys on our road network and local roads
  • Actual and significant perceived safety Concerns connected to driver movements on the roundabout
  • Resilience to incidents is poor, resulting in significant disruption and unreliable journey times
  • Poor air quality

The junction has been reviewed in a number of reports and reviews show that if improvements aren’t made by 2037, we can expect:

  • Increased congestion and lengthy queues, at least 5 times worse than at present
  • A 25% reduction in average speeds through the junction (excluding mainline M25 and A12)
  • Widespread disruption following incidents
  • Constraints on future development and growth opportunities
  • Local air quality issues to deteriorate

Three options have been suggested for improving junction 28:

  • Option 5B – single lane loop road, with widening of the existing M25 bridge over junction 28
  • Option 5C – single lane loop road, with widening of a short section of the M25
  • Option 5F – two lane loop road, with widening of a short section of the M25, and reconfiguration of the A12
  • All three options diverted traffic away from the roundabout, with a new dedicated loop road between the M25 and the A12, but each option required a different approach to achieve this

The preferred option in 5F

What’s next?
A second consultation is planned to take place between 3 December 2018 and 28 January 2019. It will provide you and all stakeholders a second opportunity to give your views on the development of the scheme. The consultation will take place over an eight week period to provide sufficient coverage over the busy Christmas period.