Geoff Marshall has named Hornchurch’s own Upminster Bridge Station as the least used station on the District Line

During the video he mentions the red phone box and the tiled with a reversed swastika pattern on the floor. What he doesn’t mention is that the reversed swastika was a popular decorative design at the time the station was constructed and has no link to the Nazi party. Also there’s no mention that the river the bridge passes over is the River Ingrebourne that also passes the Ingrebourne Valley Visitor Centre

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2 thought on “Upminster Bridge named as the least used station on the District Line”
  1. If there was a foot crossing in carisbrooke close on the dury falls estate to minster way then upminster bridge syation would get used a lot more. At the moment everyone on the dury falls estate only has a long walk access to Upminster station.

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