New Pedestrian Crossing Proposed at Busy Wingletye Lane/Upminster Road Junction

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The junction of the A124 Upminster Road with Hacton Lane  and Wingletye Lane (Doggett’s Corner) is currently controlled with traffic signals operating with two traffic stages with no pedestrian facilities. People walking across the junction currently have to find gaps in the traffic.

The Council are proposing to change the arrangements to add a third stage which would provide “green man” crossings over each of the arms of the junction (each road approaching the junction) and the two diagonals which would operate all at the same time. People wishing to cross would use a push button to register demand and then be invited to cross with green man signals placed on the opposite side of the road. There would also be “countdown” displays to indicate the time left to cross once the green man signals stop displaying.

Why are these proposals being made? The current layout is difficult to cross and intimidating for many users, especially those with reduced mobility, visually-impaired people, people using wheelchairs/ mobility scooters, people walking with young children and children travelling independently. The proposed layout will improve the comfort and experienced safety of pedestrians.

What is the traffic impact? The third stage for pedestrians will affect motor traffic capacity, but the pedestrian stage will only operate when demand is registered with the push button. If nobody wishes to cross, there will be no pedestrian stage. The diagonal crossings will support some desire lines to allow crossing in one stage rather than two – this is especially useful for students crossing between the Havering 6th Form College and the Hornchurch-bound bus stop on Upminster Road.

What happens next? The proposals are now subject to public consultation where anybody may make comments in relation to the scheme proposals. If you would like to make comments, please keep them brief and in writing to;

The Principal Engineer – or by email to

Street Management,
Engineering Services,
Town Hall,
Main Road, Romford RM1 3BB.

Comments should be lodged by Friday 22nd December 2017.

The decision on the proposals will made through our Highways Advisory Committee process. The responses to this consultation will be discussed at the committee’s meeting on Tuesday 6th February at 7:30pm in Havering Town Hall, Main Road, Romford. The committee will seek to review all of the issues connected with the proposals and make a recommendation to the Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety, who will make the final decision.

Article from Upminster & Cranham Residents Association, used with permission

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