Near near Towers Infant & Junior Schools there’s a crossing that passes over the Romford to Upminster railway path.

The path is quite old and is constantly used by students passing between Cranham Road & Osborne Road, but the whole path is muddy and this has caused issues for Sam Harrison who’s son shouted out to local MPs on twitter

This is a well known path, that was recently featured in a video by Geoff Marshall

It looks simple to fix and is probably simply an unknown issue, so it’s a problem that should be raised to politicians

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Since we created this article, we have received a lot of good feedback:

We have also contacted the local council who say they will look into this situation

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—Update 9/1/2020—

We were very thankful to Councillor Gillian Ford who looked into the situation for us, she received the following response:

Thank you for the confirmation below.

I have been informed by Highways, Traffic and Parking that this is an unmade Public Right of Way; it is a dirt track that runs from Hillview Avenue to Osborne Road, and Cranham Road to Osborne Road, and they are classified as Public Rights of Way (PROW) 139 and 138. They are unmade (as in not constructed) and as such thy are only inspected to make sure the route is still passable and that there are no safety defects. Unfortunately, a slippery surface on an unmade path is not classified as a safety issue.

The highways act 1980 puts the department under duty to maintain the fabric of the highway maintainable at public expense; as these paths are unmade, technically there is no “fabric” of the highway to maintain.