The noisy bus that was fixed

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Over the last few weeks people on Facebook and Twitter have been complaining that the 346 bus between WaycrossRoadand Upminster has been extremely loud. 

Councillor Barrett contacted TfL and has recieved a response:

Dear Councillor Barrett

Thanks for your email about a 346 bus that’s still noisy. I’m sorry for the distress this has caused.

On 2 September, Go-Ahead reported to us that the engineering team confirmed that the vehicle (YX15 XML) was removed from service and fully inspected. They found that the clamp on the turbo was partly worn and over time became loose. The clamp in question has been replaced and this vehicle has been put through rigorous tests and road tests to make sure this problem is resolved.

Kind regards

Alison Hayes
Customer Service Adviser
Transport for London Customer Services

Article used with permission from Councillor Barrett

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