The Hornchurch bus stop returns… Kind of

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September 2019 the bus in Hornchurch was destroyed at the weekend. It is unsure how this happened, a mix of stories have spread around Hornchurch, including; a bus hitting the stop and damage caused by people at night? (none of these are official as it’s a do not know)

After the bus stop was damaged it was closed and all buses heading from Hornchurch, towards Romford, were diverted to their next next stop.

This meant that some buses, such as the 370, 256 & 193, were no longer stopping at the same bus stop as buses that headed along the High Street.

After 2 and a half weeks, the bus stop had not been fixed and no temporary bus stop was placed. We informed TfL as this was unusual due to the large amount of space:

Several official complaints were also placed to TfL by HornchurchLife and other residents of Hornchurch

Today we hear that a temporary bus stop has now been placed next to the 252 bus stop

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