Route C decided as the best choice for the new Thames Crossing connecting Essex and Kent

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The preferred route for the new Thames Crossing has now been decided 

Highways England finished their consultation on a new river crossing connecting Kent and Essex and decided a route connecting the A2 and m25 was the best option 

All three of the previously giving options were based on a River Crossing (Tunnel) from Rochester in Kent into Essex, but this route was identified by the majority of nearly 47,000 respondents to a consultation on a new Lower Thames Crossing as the best solution for reducing traffic and congestion at the Dartford Crossing 


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “We are making the big decisions for Britain. The new Lower Thames Crossing, and other improvements in and around Dartford and Thurrock announced today, will further strengthen our economy while also creating thousands of jobs.

“Our £23 billion investment into our roads is already making a difference, with schemes being completed across the country, including the M1 Catthorpe junction and A556 at Knutsford, cutting journey times for millions of motorists.

“The schemes announced today not only show we are taking decisions, we are planning upgrades and we are completing roads – making the lives of millions of motorists better.”

Although Route C has been chosen as the best option, the project is far from being approved and the whole diversion needs to be approved before it can be started

See the Havering Council response to the consultation, which opposed Option C, as did the Residents’ Association, in favour of an additional Crossing by the existing Dartford Bridge is HERE.

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