Ardleigh Green traffic junction to close next week

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Happy April Fool’s Day everyone 😊

The Ardleigh Green Road traffic junction is once again set to close, only a week after fully reopening, in order to raise the bridge one inch.

We discussed this with the project manager

“After we finally opened the bridge we realised that a mistake had been made during construction and that the bridge will be too low to allow Crossrail trains to pass under it”

“To save time for everyone we have decided to close the bridge for a whole weekend while it is slowly raised by filling the supports with helium, this will raise the bridge the required inch.”

It is hoped that this will be the last full closure of the A127 due to bridge work at the Ardleigh Green Road crossing but the bridge will require regular checks for helium leaks, as this may raise the pitch of nearby resident’s voices

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