Ardleigh Green Road bridge works continues

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Work to the railway bridge near Ardleigh Green Road continued this week, closing the A127 down to only one lane


People have complained that due to health and safety protocols they have closed more of the road then necessary but others have disagreed:

Do the people complaining about health and safety want to be the ones to tell the families of workers that their loved ones have been killed? The conduct of drivers only has to be watched for a short time to understand. On Thursday I was in the queue and saw 4 cars and a lorry run over a cone and 3 cut inside the line of cones to turn right. Would the moaners want to be working under those conditions? If all road users were more thinking the situation could be better.

Ted S On streetlife


The work to mend the bridge that takes the A127 over the Liverpool Street – Shenfield railway will be taking place until 2017, with a 30mph speed limit and some off-peak lane closures (10am – 3pm) and (10pm – 5am)

Photos taken by Barry on steetlife. Used with permission

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