TfL sent out a letter informing everyone that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond TfL’s control the demolition works that were scheduled to take place between 23 and 27 December will not now take place.

In the letter they say:

TfL has made great efforts to resolve the issue but unfortunately it has not been possible. This will mean that the A127 road closures over Christmas will no longer be required. We would like to reassure you that the cancellation of these works does not affect the planned reopening of four lanes of traffic in spring 2019 and we remain on track to achieve this. We will need to reschedule the demolition works for a future closure of the railway in 2019, and we are in discussions with Network Rail to determine when this can take place.

One thought on “Ardleigh Green Bridge Christmas 2018 works cancelled”
  1. Can someone explain how much in fines
    this is costing the company. And what compensation will be offered to local business’s The French built the Eiffel tower in two yrs in the 1800’s! This bridge has now taken 4, disgraceful!

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