Parking around Mansard Close / Chestnut Avenue / Wykeham Primary school / Albany Road in Hornchurch.

Havering council have started issuing residents with parking tickets following restrictions for parents taking children to & from Wykeham Primary school.

A resident of the area commented:

We were targeted by traffic wardens and ticketed in our own drive for having our back wheels slightly over our drive. We live in Mansard Close, a cul-de-sac to the side of the primary school – the road we live in is private and quiet, we have parked this way for 3 years prior to this incident!

Tickets are starting to be issued to residents, parents and visitors at an increasing rate for slight parking discrepancies like the one above. If you regularly park in this area take care and ensure you don’t give the council another excuse to dish out at £110.00 fine!

Our appeal has been rejected, so we’re now £110 out of pocket thanks to someone so petty!
We would have happily accepted if our car was parked illegally causing real danger to the public or if we lived in a busy road, but we don’t!

Be warned, there are restrictions for no parking Monday – Friday during school hours around Wykeham Primary with designated drop off zones.

I am all for the restrictions to enhance child safety, however residents parking such as this are being targeted as what I can only describe as a money making scheme! Havering council once again taking advantage of a very valuable scheme to prevent dangerous driving & parking around Primary Schools in the area!

Article used with permission from Lauren Millington