Havering proposing to reduce speed limits on rural roads

Havering Council have released a proposal to reduce speed limits on country roads. In the Public Consultation Letter they state:

We are proposing to reduce the speed limits and introduce minor safety measures to slow traffic on a number of roads that are listed in an attachment to this letter. There have been a total of 63 personal injury accidents including one death on these roads over a five year period.

The Government and Transport for London have set targets for 2020 to reduce killed or serious injury accidents (KSIs) by 40%, child KSIs by 50%, pedestrian and cyclist KSI’s by 50% from the average number of casualties for 2005-09. Our proposals will help to meet these targets.

The Proposed roads are:

Road Names Existing Speed Limits Proposed Speed Limits Wards
Aveley Road 50 40 Upminster
Berwick Pond Road 60 40 Upminster Rainham & Wennington
Bird Lane 60 30 Cranham
Bramble Lane 60 40 Upminster
Chequers Road


40/60 40 Gooshays
Dennises Lane 60 40 Upminster
East Hall Lane 60 30 Rainham & Wennington
Fen Lane (Part) 30/60 30 Upminster
Folkes Lane 60 30 Upminster
Gerpins Lane 60 40 Upminster Rainham & Wennington
Launders Lane 60 40 Rainham & Wennington
Little Gerpins Road 60 40 Upminster Rainham & Wennington
Nags Head Lane


60 40 Harold Wood
Park Farm Road 50 40 Upminster
Pea Lane 60 30 Upminister
St Mary’s Lane (Part) 30/40/50/60 30/40 Upminster
Stubbers Lane 60 40 Upminster
Sunnings Lane 30/60 30 Upminster
Tomkyns Lane 60 30 Harold Wood
Upminster Road

North (Part)

30/60 30/40 Rainham & Wennington
Warley Street (Part) 50/60 40 Upminster
Warley Road 40/60 40 Harold Wood
Warwick Lane 60 40 Upminster Rainham & Wennington

Before a decision is made on implementing our plans, you have the opportunity to comment, which should be in writing to;

The Principal Engineer
Engineering Services,
Town Hall,
Main Road,
Romford RM1 3BB.

or by email to highways@havering.gov.uk

Comments should reach them by Friday 2 June 2017.

The decision on the scheme will made through the Highways Advisory Committee process. The responses to this consultation will be discussed at the committee’s meeting on 4 July 2017 at 7:30pm in Havering Town Hall, Main Road, Romford.

Photo by satguru