Havering Council have approved a proposal to increase car park costs across Havering. Proposals include:

  • Remove the free 30-minute parking from Upminster, Hornchurch and Elm Park.
  • Increase charges from £1.50 for two hours to £2 for one hour.
  • Introduce a flat £1.50 charge to park on Sundays.
  • Introduce a Residents Only Parking scheme in a 1km zone around town centres
  • Charge those on Council Tax Support 25% of Council Tax rather than the current 15%, with disabled claimants increased to 20%

Havering say that these changes are to Budget cuts are to bridge a £37.8m funding gap.

Cllr Clarence Barrett has published articles in both the Romford recorder and the latest bulletin stating that this goes against recent studies showing that car parking heavenly affects where people shop:

These incredibly damaging proposals will be enough to deter any would be shopper and demonstrates an astonishing lack of understanding or empathy in local economies.

We shall work hard over the coming months to unpick this poorly constructed budget and present an alternative which will focus on sustainability, fairness and common sense.

The proposals have been approved by the Conservative cabinet, but will need to be approved by the whole Council in late February to become effective. We will be working hard to get these ridiculous and damaging proposals rejected.

This article is based on the latest bulletin. Find out more more information in the residents bulletin

5 thought on “Council proposes end to free 30 minute parking”
  1. This proposal will spell disaster for local shopping areas like Elm Park – I will certainly reduce the usage of the shops/library there. The change will effectively be a tax on those using the library there as the only time when it will be open outside charging hours will be Thursday evening. I will be taking my grandsons there less often – £2 for a visit to the library!!! No wonder education is suffering. If the money was going to the library I might consider it but there’s not much chance of that happening.

  2. I agree that these charges will affect the local shops terribly, we will end up with a ghost town with shops all boarded up.
    It will also as mentioned affect the use of the library and Community life will suffer. Again it’s the motorist who pays the price, Council’s always find the quick fix to raise money by hitting the motorist.
    Free parking on Sunday in Romford will affect the shops I am sure they get more visits on a Sunday as it’s free.
    I do hope the Council will rethink this disastrous plan.

  3. Just a reminder you already pay for these so called services through your General / council tax. This is just more Tax
    Padding out their pensions and the CEO’s bonus at the expense of the public while they gamble with millions on the money markets, your money! where’s that now ?in the nearly bankrupt German market.
    Time for yellow vest Havering remind these cosseted, self serving councillors who they work for. The public is a cash cow since the law changed and you have to prove your innocence they do not have to prove your guilt with parking.
    Not shocked.

  4. Another classic example of poor getting poorer and rich getting richer!! We only see them once every 5 years when they come knocking on the door to vote them?? This clearly shows they don’t care for the local residents ?? It would be better to have speeding cameras to raise their revenues ?? 30 minutes parking is great for local shops who are already suffering with ridiculous rents and rates plus having to open long hours and sacrificing their quality family time but these people who make these decisions don’t consult the people it will affect until it’s too late ?? Councillors – wake up and try to live in the real world where it’s hard to make ends meet !! Do you know how hard it is earn money and pay bills ??

  5. The only shop i use in upminster regularly is Alldi. If there is now going to be a £2 minimum charge for parking I wont bother. It is usually easier and quicker to go to lakeside for a main shop where parking is free. If they want to kill off the local shops they are going the wright way about it. All this council seem interestead in is grabbing as much mony as possible. I wonder what they will do when the public dessert the high street and it becomes a virtual ghost town?

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