Council proposes council car park charge changes to support investment in roads and pavements

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Havering Council has proposed changes to some of its car parking charges to help fund road and pavement improvements asked for by residents.

Last year residents told the council that the condition of their roads and pavements was their number one priority. In response, the council are proposing more than £10 million a year to improve roads and pavements as part of a £40 million package over four years.

To support the funding of these improvements, a new flat fee of £1.50 for all day Sunday parking will be brought in.

In most council carparks, except Romford, Upminster and Hornchurch station area and town centre, the first 30 minutes will be free.

A new overnight charge in all these car parks of £1.50 after 6.30pm will also be brought in.

After listening to residents and businesses, 30 minutes free parking will remain in many areas in the borough.

Residents will also see new contactless parking meters rolled out over time with Romford being the first place to get them. This means it will be easier for people to pay rather than trying to find the right change.

As the machines are cashless, it will also mean they are less likely to be vandalised for the money and it will make it safer for council staff who would have had to empty them.

The council will also be looking to make it easier for residents to park in their neighbourhoods by introducing controlled parking zones to prevent people taking much needed spaces. Consultation on this will be launched later this year with residents.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Osman Dervish, said:

“We have listened to our residents and businesses. They have told us that our roads and pavements need improving and these parking charge changes will help us fund the work to fix them.

“Businesses said they wanted the 30 minutes free parking kept in many areas. We are doing that.

“Residents also told us that they often have problems parking in their neighbourhoods. This is why we are also looking to introduce controlled parking zones so local people have a space, rather than losing it to out of borough commuters.

“We believe that these proposals are the best way of helping to make our roads better and parking in their neighbourhoods easier.”

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One thought on “Council proposes council car park charge changes to support investment in roads and pavements

  1. Chris Nugent

    I do not think the Council has listened properly to residents or local businesses. It all seems to be grand ideas costing grand money which finally fizzles into nothing after a lot of money gets spent. Romford is ruined. From a thriving one day a week market it appears to be a 2 or 3 day half market. New shopping hall is lovely – but has lost its community flavour. Now parking. It was free, then 20p, then £1 with machines that frequently don’t work. Now we are to lose the free half hour so local businesses will lose customers because who want’s to pay £1 to nip in and buy a newspaper. Parking permits are all very well in some areas but it seems to be a blanket policy. This won’t affect me, an old lady with off-street parking – but it WILL affect any visitors. The elderly don’t get visited often anyway – shortly it will be even less if visitors have to pay for the privilege. How about cutting out some of the expensive grandiose projects and using the money for residents instead.

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