C2C timetable offers Upminster more trains but less seats

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C2C have recently published a proposed timetable for December 2015 which reveals that the capacity at Upminster is to be reduced due to more people on arriving trains


The C2C website shows a table comparing the current trains to the new train schedule, with details regarding projected capacity levels. The table shows that although there will be an increase in trains serving Upminster station it’s predicted that seats are unlikely. In fact out of the 26 services from Upminster towards London that it is estimated that only 1 train will have seats available when it arrives at the station.

The journey towards Fenchurch Street will also be longer due to all peak trains stopping at all stops between Upminster and Fenchurch Street, although this will be good news for anyone not going straight to Fenchurch Street

There is a chance for you to voice your opinion as C2C is carrying out a consultation, go to the website at www.c2crail.co.uk/consult_tt and fill out the online form

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2 thoughts on “C2C timetable offers Upminster more trains but less seats

  1. claire

    Not sure why Upminster are complaining. There are no seats on any Rainham service at the moment and no proposal to change that or improve the Rainham service. UPMINSTER are actually getting a much better deal and have an alternative if they don’t like c2c!

    1. Mick H

      @ Claire, c2c don’t appear to agree. According to the consultation Rainham has seats on almost every train now – but won’t in the future – so maybe you should be complain too!

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