A127 amongst the most littered roads in the UK

The London Economic has reported that the A127 is amongst the most littered roads in the UK.

The London Economic asked two major logistics firms to report the worst instances of littered roads in the UK based on their observations, and invited the public to suggest locations based on their own observations. Although the overall picture was depressingly similar, several locations came out on top.

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Comments on the clean highways website include:

‘The exit slip road from the M25 anti clockwise at junction 29 is a disgrace as was the roundabout as well … , and then the A127 from there to Basildon also a disgrace ….Keep up the excellent work Peter.’

‘The A127 in Essex is also a disgrace and even with recent road closures to resurface the highway, no attempts were made to clear up’

The most disgusting filth imaginable that makes me ashamed to call this place home’.

The worst, according to both groups, was the A13 in Essex (see video above), followed closely by the A12 in Essex. The A1041 was also reported numerous times and the A350 between Melksham and Trowbridge in Wiltshire was also reported as being particularly dire