The Towers Building makes the news

Over the last week the Tower’s building in Hornchurch has been all over the news.

Last week it was condemned at the ’Regulatory Services Committee’ saying that the “the report concludes that the building does not hold substantial architectural and historic importance to justify its retention” 

Hayley Johnson, who started the Save the Tower Building campaign group, was quoted in a lot of the newspapers. Newspapers that had articles about the loss of the building included:

The Metro

‘I, like the majority of our town feel disappointed and saddened by the Council’s decision,’ she continued. ‘Especially as Lidl are still yet to officially submit any new build plans but already have the right to destroy one of our last remaining pieces of history that Hornchurch has.

Evening Standard

Campaigner Hayley Johnson, 38, said the decision was “devastating”. She told the Standard: “Once it’s gone, it’s lost forever. It’s distinctive and we don’t have much history left around here. It survived the Second World War.

“It’s a shame that another building will be lost and instead we will get a typical-looking supermarket building.”

The Romford Recorder posted an article including quotes from councillors, saying that they were forced to ‘abstain from voting, rather than opposing the plans, because of planning laws which mean they “don’t have enough power” to stop developers’

The news even made the ITV London News:

A new petition has been posted on the Parliament website, created by a man now living in the Welsh village of Meliden. Steve Cobb, 59, lived in Hornchurch between 1969 and 1988 and remembers going to the Saturday matinee film at the Towers Cinema.

————-Update 05-Sep————–

A demonstration has now been arranged for this Saturday (10th) at 6pm, outside the Towers Building, the organisers say that people should feel free to bring the whole family and also suggest making and bringing a banner/sign. Feel free to be creative