Starbucks in Hornchurch says it’s to reopen

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Starbucks customers have been missing their Hornchurch Café since it closed on the weekend of the 20th October 2018 due to damage caused by flooding from the above flats.

I’m asked weekly when it will reopen and at the time the operations manager said they “looked forward to welcoming our customers back as soon as we can.” But we have yet to hear any more about an exact date

Since then the Starbucks is starting to look a bit sad, the logos and signs have been removed from the front and all contents have been cleared from the shop.

Starbucks confirmed on their social media that Starbucks will be reopening but it will be relocating on the high street

I have also recieved confirmation in a press email that they are to open a new store in Hornchurch but have not given a exact date:

Bhopinder Gill, owner of Starbucks franchise partner, GK Coffee: “We are excited to announce that we’ll be opening a brand new Starbucks store in Hornchurch later this year – stay tuned for more details coming soon

I will provide more information when it’s available

In the mean time why not try a local Café, I asked for recommendations on twitter/Facebook:

Le Moulin, French’s and Liana’s in Langtons were the 3 on top

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