Lidl have made a new proposal for demolision of the Towers site, keeping the lettering but still distroying the building. In a letter from GVA they state:

Lidl is proposing to retain the ‘TOWERS’ lettering belonging to the former Towers Cinema Building and intergrate them into the new store design by way of a street level public art installation. This will ensure that an original piece of heritage of the former building will be kept intact and it will create a focal point of interest for the new scheme.

Lidl with Towers
Picture from GVA’s design proposal

We have carefully considered the proposed development and the Council’s wish to retain the façade. We have come to the conclusion that it would not be viable to retain the façade due to the following key

  • Loss of original heritage value

  •  No statutory protection of the building

  •  Viability issues and implications for the scheme

In the recent supporting statement they discribed how the lettering would be removed:

Scaffold the front façade for the operatives to work from equipped with chisels club hammers and a stone cutting saw operatives with great care will remove the lettering.

Letters will be lowered to ground level using a mobile crane and slings.

Banks men will monitor the lowering I from above and I at ground level using walkie talkies

Once they have been lowered they will be placed onto palettes and secured and using a telehandler placed into a 20 foot sealed container for storage until ready to re-use. In the event that the lettering does not come out whole as we are unsure of how it was constructed R J Demolition cannot take responsibility.

Main demolition will commence using high reach machines structure will be brought down to ground level foundations & slab will be grubbed up & crushed and left in designated area for use of others