Man chases his dream of opening a Comic Book Store in Upminster

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We had a chat to Jason Rutland who is a man that’s decided to open a comic book shop opposite Upminster station:

Why did you decided to start a comic book shop?

It was always a passion for me since a child, I love all things comic book related, so as I turned 50 I decided either continue in a dead end job or take a risk 😀

What do your friends and family think of this new venture?

Very supportive, even if when I explained what I wanted to do sounded like pie in the sky

What’s are some of the more interesting items you sell?

Well sell anything comic book and collectable related, but I like selling stuff that’s pocket money prices because it make the kids Happy, I do sell more expensive collectable items as well , at the moment I have a full size cos play Captain America shield

If you could have super powers, what power would you want?

Always flight , just love the idea of just whizzing of into the sky to anywhere I want to 😁

Are you ever compared to the Comic Book guy from the Simpsons?

Only in looks 😂

What were your thoughts on Infinity Wars and what do you think will happen in the next Avenger’s Film?

Loved it, I’m a Marvel fan boy, and in part two all I know is we will lose a few old favourite characters 😪

How do we get to your new store?

Upminster station I’m dead opposite

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