The new Lidl in Hornchurch is opening on Thursday (15th March) and we’re excited and plan to use the shop a lot. But we still have one question…

Part of agreement to build the supermarket was that there would be strict rules regarding cars coming from Hornchurch Town centre turning right into the car park and this would be enforced by CCTV

My question is, how will traffic coming from the High Street get into the car park and if their not turning right where will they turn around?

Also note that when you are exiting the car park you can only turn left and so again this is going to cause an issue for anyone who wants to go towards Hornchurch sports centre

My first thought was coming out of Abs Cross gardens but then I realised it’s slightly too close to the traffic lights and so you’d still be approaching Lidl from the wrong direction?

I think what people will need to do is go down Abs cross gardens and return via Abs Cross Road, blocking up the already busy Abs Cross Rd traffic lights? But I seriously have no idea

What do you think?

5 thought on “Lidl Hornchurch – where are all the cars going to turn around?”
  1. Whilst I’m in favour of the new store development, Abbs Cross Gardens is congested enough without additional traffic which the Lidl store will bring. It is difficult enough to maneavour through the cars parked tightly on both sides of the road near the Royal Mail collection office. Abbs Cross Gardens, and right turn into Abbs Cross Lane will become a rat run for customers trying to get into Lidl. Only time will tell to see if this causes ongoing traffic problems.

  2. I live in Elm Park. As I can’t turn right out of LIDL to come home and I’m not allowed to use Abbs Cross Gardens, I won’t be using it much and I will stop using Sainsbury’s too as the traffic congestion will be awful. I wouldn’t do a full shop at LIDL anyway, so anything I want especially from there, I’ll get when I walk to the International Supermarket next door.

  3. LIDL, What an eyesore. What are our planners thinking of, Totally out of scale with Hornchurch High St. Vast glass frontage enormous signage. Turning in and out is easy, DON’T GO THERE !

  4. I was told that you cannot exit Lidl and avoid turning right by going down abbs cross gardens as this will be enfoced with tickets as if it were a right tuern.
    The decision was LEFT TURN ONLY.
    However, there are no signs saying this yet, only no right turn.

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