Bridal shop in Hornchurch closes taking money from customers

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Many people in Hornchurch have been affected by the closure of ‘Couture Bride and Groom’ early this week.

The Bridle shop, that used to sit along Billet Lane, closed taking the money of anyone who has placed a deposit on a dress or suit.

We have been contacted by several people who have been affected by the closure, including Gemma Louise Brannon:

I put a deposit down on my dress at the end of May at couture bride and groom in hornchurch and every time I got a bit of money saved I’d go in there and pay it of bit by bit I paid 1000 in total so far all my payments were taken by Steve the owner.

On Sunday night I got a message from my God mum saying she’s seen a post about the shop shutting down and the owner moving to Florida and I found out from other people that the owner’s not coming back and no one knew what would happen to our dresses.

I’ve been to the police and they told me it’s a civil matter and now my bank are investigating

Also many people on twitter have already posted about this on Twitter and Facebook:

Kez Sams on Facebook:

The man is a con artist he has shut up shop and has £587.50 of our money as well as leaving us with no suits just 3 weeks before the wedding

If you have anything booked with Couture Bride and Groom, please check it as you may not be receiving your order

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