Our visit to father Christmas

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We had a wide choice of grottos to take my 2 1/2 year old daughter to this Christmas and I chose Romford Shopping Hall after I heard that £2 of the £4 went to charity and that they were given out some of my daughters favourite toys, Peppa pig.


When we arrived at the grotto there was 1 person in front of us, but Santa still had all the time in the world for both of us. When we arrived my daughter was a little unsure about the man with the white beard but he was calm and encourage her to play, reassuring her that he was a friend.

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We were allowed to take pictures with our own phones and there were no overpriced photos on sale

We did get our peppa pig toy in the end and my daughter said she was a little scared at first but enjoyed it in the end

Thank you to the Romford Shopping Hall, I do recommend their Santa’s grotto for everyone

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