Comic Book Heros has moved from it’s previous base near Upminster Station

Previously based in quite a small for quite a few years, it was easy to walk past as you wouldn’t have noticed it but the shop, whose products include magazines and modules, has now moved to Romford Shopping Hall.

The grand opening was this Saturday (21 Sept) and the morning included the hero Michelle Fitzgibbons

The new shop Comic Book Heros (includes a sign from the previous shop)

When Jason Rutland (Owner) discussed this with Time he stated that part of the reason he moved was because of issues caused in Upminster by increased car park charges

“There’s a car park up by Aldi which is run by the council and you can go there at 10 o’clock in the morning and it’s only half full,” he added.

“People don’t use it anymore because it costs too much and it was having an effect on my business.”

Time 107.5’s presenter Dean Kayne dressed as a Stormtrooper