This week Police Borough Commanders and senior officers from across East London came together at a summit to discuss residential burglary and to share best practice in challenging, preventing and combating this distressing crime.

Each Borough was represented by either their Borough Commander or by a Detective in charge of investigating burglary crime.

As the nights begin to draw a seasonal rise in burglary takes place. This increase coincides with the additional cover of darkness that assists in committing this crime unseen.

Police understand the distress and often long-term insecurity faced by victims of crime. This year borough ‘Top Cops’ are uniting to take action against the burglars, to ensure that the number of victims is kept to a minimum.
Crime Scene Managers, Investigators and intelligence analysts also attended the summit.

Detective Inspectors spoke about what has worked well and what hasn’t worked on their respective boroughs and a plan will be formulated for roll out across the entire cluster to challenge burglary head on.

Chief Superintendent Andy Ewing, Borough Commander for Barking and Dagenham and lead on the project said: “Halloween, Eid, Diwali, Firework Night and the approach of Christmas all provide burglars with opportunities to steal local people’s treasured possessions.

“Londoners become more vulnerable to burglars during the winter months. Last year offences in the East Cluster of nine boroughs increased by 31.1% between November 2013 and February 2014.

“My fellow Borough Commanders and I are putting our heads together with East London’s top investigators and experts on acquisitive crime to formulate a solution to the seasonal burglary that blights our boroughs during Autumn and Winter.

“Our aim is to provide the community with the prevention information they need while making the best use of the policing resources available to us to fight acquisitive crime.”

Actions for consideration at the forum will include enforcement, intelligence gathering, covert and highly visible tactics, public awareness and crime prevention campaigning.