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All of the major election candidates for Romford have now been chosen, we have been asked to provide information about our candidates. The candidates for Hornchurch and Upminster can be found here


Angelina Leatherbarrow is a NHS worker and previous chair of the Romford Labour Party.

She said: At the heart of my campaign I will be opposing cuts to our schools and NHS. As someone who voted ‘Remain’ I will also be fighting against a Tory-led hard brexit, backed up by the Lib Dems who have already said they would go into coalition with the Tories again.




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Andrew Rosindell has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Romford since 2001. Rosindell’s political views are firmly right-wing: he is a Eurosceptic and supports the re-introduction of the death penalty and the detention of asylum seekers

Andrew was elected to the House Commons in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for Romford and recorded the highest swing to the Conservatives, defeating the incumbent Member of Parliament, Eileen Gordon M.P. (Labour) with a swing of 9.2, achieving a majority of 5,977. It was the first seat to return to the Conservatives after the Labour landslide and Mr. Blair’s election of 1997. In 2004, Andrew was appointed as a Vice–Chairman of the Conservative Party.




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Liberal Democrats

Ian Sanderson is a retired Engineer and Lecturer. Born in Northern Ireland, he gained a degree in Physics at Queens University, Belfast.

He was Liberal Democrat candidate for Romford in 2015 and for Havering and Redbridge in the 2016 Greater London Authority elections. In his spare time, he has worked as a School Governor for twenty years and has been active for even longer in the Scouting Movement in Hornchurch.

Ian says: ‘I’ve lived most of my life in Havering and shared the experiences of local people. My children went to state schools here and then went on to university. I commuted by rail into London for decades. Romford is my local town’.



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David Hughes is standing for Greens for Romford. On his website he was says:

I have been concerned about the environment since my teens in the 1970s when pollution was affecting our health and CFC’s were identified as responsible for depleting the ozone layer.
In the late 80’s, whilst working with bee keepers on a Kibbutz, I shared a room with a physicist who explained to me global warming and what scientists believed was happening as a result of burning fossil fuels. I started then to take an interest in what governments and environmentalists were doing to lessen the impact of climate change

I joined the Green Party to promote environmental policies and try to ensure that the future isn’t a barren wasteland of pillaged rainforests, contaminated countryside and lifeless oceans.
But in addition to the most important issues of sustainability, environmental protection and climate change is social justice, fairness and equality. A fantastic, healthy and vibrant planet is no legacy for future generations unless there is a responsible, educated and thriving population to enjoy it

I have lived in Romford for most of my life and was born in Oldchurch hospital
I attended St. Edwards C of E school and began my working life as an electrical technician but later I worked in residential care, insurance and adult education. For the past 17 years I have worked in graphics, photography and audio visual production.
If we want a farer world and a pleasant environment for future generations we need to think green and vote Green.


Andy Beadle is a father-of-one who works as an engineer in Heathrow, is also secretary for the Ukip London Region Committee and thinks that over development in the borough is a “major issue” he wishes to tackle if elected.

Andy is a former Conservative council candidate who voted for Tony Blair’s New Labour in 1997.




We will continue to update this post. If you are a candidate and you want us to update your details, please contact us and we will be more then happy to make any changes required

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