There has been an appeal on has on Streetlife and Facebook to find a group of teenagers who attacked a 16 yr old boy on his way home.

The parents have said:

My 16 yr old son and his friend were beaten with a knuckle duster, had knives held at their throats, threatened with a bottle of ‘acid’ and robbed in Lyndhurst Road in Hornchurch last night around 7pm. Dragged into the alley and held for 15 minutes by 6 black males aged 17/18. They ran off towards the Drill and got cash out of the ATM by suntan shop with the stolen bank cards. Be vigilant people

As stated above, the attack took place in an alleyway half way down Lyndhurst Road about 7pm on Tuesday 16th February after which the 6 black males aged 17/18 ran down Grosvenor drive

Did you see this incident take place or see the boys running away? Please report it to Hornchurch Police Station on 01708 751212