We are warning drivers not to play Pokemon Go at the wheel.
The craze has been sweeping the county but our Roads Policing Team has advised people not to play whilst driving.

The warning comes after a 27-year-old man from East London was reported for driving whilst using a mobile phone after officers spotted him playing Pokemon Go inside a vehicle.
Police were on patrol in West Thurrock Way, Thurrock, last Thursday (July 21) when they saw the man playing the game whilst he was driving a silver Lexus on the Lakeside Retail Park. He was stopped at 1.10pm and given a ticket. The car was travelling at around 20mph.

He could have points added to his licence or be told to go on a driver awareness course.

Another vehicle was stopped on Cranes Farm Road Basildon on Friday night (July 22) whilst officers were taking part in a Roads Policing Operation. It was just before 11pm and the black Mini was spotted driving at slow speeds with no lights on. Officers stopped the car and the four occupants inside, a girl and three boys all aged in their late teens, said they had been looking for Pokestops.

Our officers gave them words of advice about the dangers of driving in the dark with no lights on. The female driver was not using a mobile phone whilst driving but officers explained to her that if her passengers playing the game distracted her from driving and that driving fell below the required standard, it could amount to careless driving.

Adam Pipe, Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Manager, said: “Life isn’t a game. There are no rewind buttons, second chances and no start again buttons.”

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From the Essex Police Facebook page