A statue of local hero Ian Fletcher has been stolen.

The statue was unveiled in October 2015 to celebrate completion of a new walking and cycling path in east London.

It stands next to a new bridge crossing the Beam River (also known as the River Rom) and is also joined by an artwork of renowned folk musician Billy Bragg and a figure that represents women of the historic 1968 Ford sewing machinists’ strike in Dagenham – which led to the Equal Pay Act

Previous photo of the artwork:

Ian Fisher was a 42-year-old warrant officer. He grew up in Elm Park and went to Sanders School (formerly Sanders Draper) and Havering College – then known as Havering Tech.
He was killed in action serving in Afghanistan in 2013.

Elm Park Regeneration posted the photo on their Facebook page saying:

How horrible is this. Someone has stolen the statue of Ian Fisher our local hero who died serving his country

Ian was my friend, his mother and I are very good friends.

Photos used with permission from Elm Park Regeneration