Police provide update about footage recently seen on YouTube

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A few people have been contacting us about footage of what is said to be a man being beaten to the ground by police.

The footage appears to have a lot missing from it and we’ve provided the video below so you can see

We have contacted the police for the official statement regarding this footage:

Police were on patrol in Heath Park Road, Romford on Monday, 22
April when they found reason to stop and search two teenagers under the misuse of drugs act.

After a struggle, one male, aged 17, was detained by an officer.

He was subsequently searched and was found in possession of class B drugs.

He was arrested for possession with intent to supply and obstruction of a drugs search.

The second male, aged 14, escaped the officers and ran to his home address on Brentwood Road.

Here, an officer found the teenager and after another struggle, the 14-year-old was detained.

Whilst the officer was detaining the teen, he was assaulted by the suspect.

He was arrested for obstruction and assault on a police officer.

Both were taken to an east London police station.


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