London Fire Brigade called to North Street Fire

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London Fire Brigade were called to a smoke filled flat in Hornchurch at 1pm this morning, due to a stray firework.

The family, who live in the flat attached to North Street Halls, were alerted to the fire by the smoke alarm and when they went to investigate and found a lobby full of smoke.

Firefighters rescued two adults and four children from the first floor of the converted flat. 

Vic Bagnelle Operations Manager at London Fire Brigade control explained; “As you can imagine, the woman was very distressed and our first job was to reassure her that help was on the way and ensure she had gathered the family in one room, by an open window and as far away from the smoke as possible. We helped the woman to explain exactly where she was in the building and relayed that information back to firefighters on the ground who were then able to rescue the family via a ladder.”

Watch Manager Steven Blundell who was at the scene said: “Thankfully a smoke alarm alerted the family to the danger. I can’t stress how important it is to have numerous smoke alarms in your home and to test them regularly.

“As a minimum you should have at least one device fitted on the ceiling of every floor in your home, however, we recommend you fit one in every room you regularly use as well as in the hallway.”

It’s believed that a stray firework started the fire and while it caused no fire damage, it did create a lot of smoke.

Article thanks to the London Fire Brigade website 

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