When Havering Council approved plans to remove the 30min free parking charges in Hornchurch, the Internet went crazy and a petition by Barry Major has almost reached 10,000 signatures:


Last week (Wednesday, February 13) the proposals to get rid of 30 minutes of free parking in the town centres were approved by Havering Council cabinet members, this will also include a 1 mile change to street parking in Hornchurch and Upminster. Havering say this is to save money, and also to bring Upminster and Hornchurch town centres in line with Romford town centre parking charges.

Cll Clarence Barrett commented on these changes:

Our High Streets and town centres already face enormous challenges with business rates, rents and on-line competition. These incredibly damaging car parking charges proposals will be enough to deter any would be shopper and demonstrates an astonishing lack of understanding or empathy in local economies. The Council should be working with the business community and residents to keep our High Streets alive and sustainable, instead these highly damaging proposals will simply see the demise of our High Streets and Town Centres.

The trouble with arguing that this brings us in line with Romford, is that Romford has a lot of private car parks. If you buy a cheap loaf of bread you’ll normally get in and out for the equivalent of a free visit, while Hornchurch and Upminster does not have these facilities.

A peaceful protest has been arranged outside Havering Town Hall on Wednesday 27th February


Barry comments:

I have never took part let alone organised a protest so here goes. It seemed to be the most natural thing to follow up after my petition. Please come and show your support if even for 30 minutes or so. A community together is stronger than a council who do not listen. If you have not yet signed our online petition here is the link below.

If you have not signed the petition please do now, once it has reached 10,000 it is automatically submitted to parliament: