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I have never tried body wraps before so I thought I’d give it a go at Havering Beauty Academy in Hornchurch.  This is an all over body wrap and the whole process takes around two hours.  It’s advisable to drink plenty of water and use the loo before being all wrapped up.  Firstly the skin is brushed and exfolited and then body butter is used that has all natural ingredients.  After that I was loosely wrapped in cling film and then with a tighter outer wrapping of cling film all over.  I must admit that I did look hilarious and a dark comedy called Nighty, Night by Julia Davies which was set in a beauty salon sprang to mind!  I was then helped up onto the salon bed to lie down and was covered with a foil blanket followed by another blanket to keep all the heat in.  The room was also heated well and very warm.  I lay in the low lit warm room for around 45 minutes to an hour and actually fell asleep a couple of times as I was very relaxed.  I was checked on twice whilst I lay in my haze of warmth.

I was told the science bit behind the combination of the body butter with the wrap and the heat.  The heat enabled the pores to open up and absorb the ingredients in the body butter which are designed to shrink fat cells by drawing out toxins and excess liquid.  This treatment takes inches off, banishes water retention, helps to minimise the appearance of stretch marks by conditioning the skin and reduces cellulite.

At the beginning of the treatment I was measured and then again at the end.  Before and after photos were also taken so as I could compare for my own eyes.  When I was unwrapped and unravelled I was relieved to have some air to my skin.  My skin appeared shiny, glowing and felt so soft and smooth.  I was told to refrain from showering ect for 24 hours and keep the body butter on for that length of time to continue doing it’s work.  When I had my final measurements I found out that I’d lost 7 and a half inches and was told that I would continue to lose inches over the next 24 hours!  I was impressed with the difference in the before and after photos too.  I looked firmer all over.  Most of my inch loss was from aound my tummy area which was the desired effect.

A one off treatment of the NSL wrap costs £49 and it is £129 for 3.  A course of 6 is recommended to get optimum results which is priced at £245.

When I asked which was the best result ever achieved from this treatment so far at Havering beauty academy I was told a whopping 16 inches just from one treatment!  Impressive!

Of course if you are a therapist that would like a course on NSL wraps, salon owner Katie Newman is a qualified tutor and offers a course for £150 plus the kit.

I recommend this treatment if you have a special occasion and you want to fit into “that dress”, if your going on holiday and want to look your best or simply if youwant to tone up quickly and easily.

Here is a video that helps you to understand more about NSL balm…. https://youtu.be/2ytt3cqUBm8 and the website for NSL…. www.nslbodywrap.co.uk which is endorsed by Rylan Clarke-Neal.

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