Room Lockdown – The puzzle solving adventure comes to Hornchurch 

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You’ve been locked away and you await you execution. You were framed by a notorious serial killer and you now face charges for a murder you did not commit. There have been multiple attempts to escape from this maximum security prison but many people have failed and most inmates were either shot or recaptured, while others disappeared without a trace, giving hope to inmates that there are ways to escape!

The increasingly popular ‘Live Escape Game’ comes to Hornchurch in the next few months, we will keep you updated when it opens. When you go to ‘Room lockdown’ your given the choice of a few different games, including:

Prison Break

Escape the curse of King Anum

It’s £30 per person per game and each game lasts about an hour. 

Each game has a different capacity but on average it’s 6 persons per game. Unless you book all the places it is possible that you may be joined by other groups 

The Room Lockdown expect to open by the 1st November. So with the crystal maze returning to to TV for a one off show, you have the chance to take part in your own puzzle solving adventure 

The Room Lockdown is located at Crown House (next to the Job Centre). Check out the website here 

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