​A local European café, has had to remove xenophobic graffiti from its windows several times since the results of the European Referendum 

The café  has been there for years and has been described by many as a ‘beautiful place to meet, talk, drink coffee…’. But they have recently had to remove graffiti telling the workers to “go home” 

Nationally, reports of racial hate crimes (many that are very serious indeed) are up by 57% following the decision to leave the EU on Friday 
Mark Hamilton, Assistant Chief Constable for the National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Hate Crime said in a statement:

“Police forces are working closely with their communities to maintain unity and tolerance and prevent any hate crime or abuse following the EU referendum.

“At the national level, the vast majority of people are continuing to go about their lives in safety and security and there have been no major spikes in tensions reported.

“However, we are seeing an increase in reports of hate crime incidents to True Vision, the police online hate crime reporting site.  This is similar to the trends following other major national or international events. In previous instances, crime levels returned to normal relatively quickly but we are monitoring the situation closely.

He added that all forms of hate crime are “unacceptable”, continuing: “Hatred not only has the potential to cause serious physical and emotional harm, it damages communities and undermines the diversity and tolerance we should be instead celebrating.”

If we are to survive separate from the European Union we must be a United Kingdom,  focusing on what makes us the simular and not our differences.