A survey by the Royal Society for Public Health named Hornchurch as the 9th most healthiest high Street in London


Researchers gave each business in the capital’s 144 high streets a score from -2 to +2 based on their impact on health. Researchers walked each street and recorded the number of premises that were occupied or vacant.

Whitechapel was named as having the most unhealthy high street in London – while Whetstone had the healthiest. 

Hornchurch was named the 9th healthiest high Street due to it’s high concentration of businesses that promot healthy lifestyles, such as pharmacies, leisure centres and health services.

While Whitechapel High Street had the highest concentration of fast-food outlets, payday lenders, bookmakers and tanning salons – businesses judged to have the most negative impact on health.

Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, said: “Our research does find higher concentrations of unhealthy businesses exist in London boroughs which already experience high levels of deprivation and premature mortality.

“It highlights the need for increased communication between businesses, the public and town planners to make a London fitter and healthier place to live.”

The “unhealthiest” high streets:

1. Whitechapel
2. New Addington
3. Camberwell
4. Chrisp Street
5. West Green Road/Seven Sisters
6. Plumstead
7. New Cross
8. Finsbury Park
9. Bakers Arms
10. East Beckton

The “healthiest” high streets

1. Whetstone
2. St Johns Wood
3. Stanmore
4. Pinner
5. Temple Fortune
6. Kingsbury
7. Muswell Hill
8. East Finchley
9. Hornchurch
10. Stockwell