Earlier this week we heard that Burger King were dipping their toes in the water of home delivery in several areas that included Hornchurch.

This had us intrigued and asking ourselves the question ‘if we were going to order takeout, would we want burger and fries’?


We have already heard from some people who have tried to order a burger from the website, with a mixture of results:

I’m intrigued…….. We thought we’d try the all new Burger King delivery service which is being trialled in Hornchurch. We put in our postcode & they said they delivered to part of our postcode….. There are 18 houses in our road which are the only houses in our postcode, yet it then told us they don’t deliver to our house!!! So which of the 18 houses in our road do they deliver to then?

One person did get a delivery, but the delivery was wrong:

They delivered to us yesterday, but be warned our order of a whopper meal with cheese and a chicken burger meal arrived as two plain whopper meals!

Others tried it but was told that the store was closed

I tried entering our address on the website, but it said ‘We’re sorry. We currently can not process your order. Your delivery store is temporarily closed. Please check back’

Have you tried the Burger King delivery service yet? Any more feedback on the service? Contact us on Twitter or via the contact us page

You can find out if you are lucky enough to be in the delivery zone on the Burger King Website