Brentwood’s own Jordan Cox notices Tescos Pizza Express price glitch 

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Jordan Cox from Brentwood, also known as the coupon kid, has notices a new discount that can get you £5 of food for a very tasty 85p. I tried this discount the day after Jordan announced it (05/08/16) and it still worked at Roneo Corner Tesco, I managed to get £60 worth of pizza and pud for only £16.


Here are the details taken from his article on

Basically, when you buy a large Pizza Express classic American or margherita pizza (normal full price is £6) and a Gu dessert (£3.15), Tesco has a meal deal offer until Tue 23 Aug that means you only pay £5 instead of £9.15. HOWEVER, as of Thursday afternoon, the till is still honouring Tesco’s Brand Guarantee – where it automatically refunds the difference on branded items its rivals are selling cheaper – as if it was full priced. This means you get £4.15 back per meal deal as the individual items are cheaper at Morrisons.

I can’t promise it’ll work for you, but it worked for me at the Tesco nearest MSE Towers this afternoon and I’ve had success stories from other people in various locations around the country. Of course, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you feel it’s right to take advantage of a glitch like this, but if you’re interested, you’ll have to go quick. Here’s what you need to know:

How to do it:

1. Go into Tesco Metro or Extra (it won’t work at Tesco Express) and find the Pizza Express classic American or margherita pizza and Gu desserts (chocolate, key lime or Madagascan vanilla flavours). You can buy up to five of each to make the most of this glitch as you’ll only get a maximum of £20 back in the Brand Guarantee.

2. Add in eight different items to automatically trigger the Brand Guarantee if you’re buying at least 10 different items. Try to find some cheap items, such as a banana or carrot – or ideally things you’d normally buy anyway. See our Tesco Brand Guarantee news story for how it works.

3. Take your items to the checkout (we used the self-service till). If it’s worked, you’ll see your total go down by £4.15 for each meal deal until you reach the £20 Brand Guarantee threshold.

Some cheap items I found that you can add into your shop (to get you to the 10 items) include individual carrots for 6p, Haribo sweets for 10p and a single banana for 12p.

For more discount details, check out Jordan Cox’s articles on

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